5 Tips for a Healthy Work-Life Balance

Achieving anywhere near a healthy work-life balance is incredibly difficult these days, especially if you’re an entrepreneur or you’re just starting off in business.

There’s always so much to do, there are limited hours in the day and no matter how hard you work, it feels like your ‘to do’ list keeps growing, not shrinking.

You feel like you have obligations coming out of your ears, stress soon starts getting you down, and your relationships with family and loved ones start to suffer...

However, it doesn’t have to be like this.

You can make choices that will allow you to better manage your work-life balance and avoid entrepreneur burnout without sacrificing your business success at all. Here are our top five tips to help you redress the balance…

Healthy work-life balance

1. Prioritise

Instead of trying to burn your way through absolutely everything on your ‘to do’ list, feeling utterly defeated when it gets the better of you, learn the art of prioritisation.

Start by creating short and long-term goals that provide you with a vision for your future.

Then review each of your tasks, considering whether they help drive you towards these goals. If they don’t, consider crossing them off the list or delegating the task to someone else such as a freelancer or a growth agency.

From your remaining list of essential tasks, choose just two or three to attack first. Every day, make it your mission to focus on just these until they are done. No distractions allowed.

Doing this will reduce your stress levels significantly, give you a huge sense of achievement and boost your motivation as you reduce the length of that list.

Healthy work-life balance

2. Learn to say NO

Most of us feel obliged to accept every request, invitation or demand because we’re good people and we want to help when we’re needed. The problem is, this can often lead to time wasted on tasks that just add to our overall stress, not bringing any benefits to our lives.

That’s why it’s so important that we say ‘Yes’ to those requests that align with our personal goals and priorities, and bravely say ‘No’ to those that don’t.

There’s no need to feel bad when you do this or feel like you’re being rude- simply stay firm and explain your reasons without giving excuses.

Healthy work-life balance

3. Get better at email

Emails can become overwhelming! They can take a huge chunk of your time and can impact your productivity levels if you don’t get them under control.

Easy ways to improve your email skills include dealing with them at a set time every day or checking them at intervals. Ensure that you’re replying in a timely manner but don’t let yourself get distracted from the task at hand.

Don’t ever be tempted to check your emails when you’ve stopped work for the day. Switch off or silence those notifications and give your brain some downtime. Checking them won’t improve your productivity, they’ll just increase your stress.

Healthy work-life balance

4. Take care of yourself

It’s far too easy to find yourself skipping meals, burning the midnight oil and spending far too much time sitting in front of your computer when you’re working hard for your business to grow.

However, it’s vital that you make time to look after yourself, even if you’re snowed under with work, feeling that you barely have a moment to spare. It will help you stay at your creative best, avoid entrepreneur burnout and help you have enough energy to drive your business forward. Here are some easy ways to get started

  • Take a break: even if you’re crazy-busy, find 30 minutes to take a break whenever you can.
  • Eat healthily: get organised or learn how to cook meals that are fast and nutritious.
  • Get a full night’s rest: you’ll feel more energised and focused at work.
  • Find time to exercise: it will lift your mood, boost your energy and help you stay productive.

Healthy work-life balance

5. Let go of perfection

Perfectionism is a positive trait to have, as it means you always throw yourself into projects, invest your energy and aim to achieve the best that you possibly can.

However, this is often unrealistic and can simply pile on the stress, steal your time and lead you to burnout.

Instead, let go of perfection and strive for excellence instead. Know when a project is good enough and then let go.

Healthy work-life balance

So, in summary, if you’re struggling with stress and want to achieve a better work-life balance, make sure you follow the tips we’ve shared here. Prioritise your ‘to do’ list, learn to say no, get better at email, take care of your body and let go of perfectionism to feel much better.


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