Why Choosing Flywheel Hosting Will Make You Smile

Are you unhappy with your current website host? Is your website slow and underperforming? Are you fed up of dealing with hacked sites, failed updates and poor customer service?

In 2016, we made the decision to start moving all of our customer websites over to Flywheel. Here are a few reasons why we love their hosting service and why we think you'll love them too!

Disclaimer: The links in this post are affiliate links, so we earn a little bit of commission if you click on one of our links and then sign up for an account with Flywheel.

1. Flywheel's Servers Are Fast

Flywheel Website Performance

With our previous hosting environment, we found that server response times were regularly being flagged as a speed issue. This means long page loading times and disappointing speed test results. We work with companies to take their existing Wordpress Websites and optimise the performance of their sites. Moving to Flywheel made an immediate difference to the time it took to request a webpage compared with other hosting platforms. Find out what Flywheel have to say about their blazing fast performance.

2. Enhanced Security

Flywheel Website Security

Whilst Wordpress is an amazing system to base your website on, there are a number of security concerns that need to be addressed. These can be overly complicated and difficult to configure. Moving to Flywheel means that we can spend less time configuring security and more time dealing with content. Their servers are configured specifically to protect your Wordpress site.

3. Backups

Flywheel Website Backups

Using Flywheel's built in backup system has allowed us to easily move and restore websites as needed. The interface is simple and reliable and has meant less plugins, less email notifications when backups fail and less time double checking everything!

4. Staging Sites

Flywheel allow you to clone your Wordpress site to create a temporary version to work on. This means that we can perform site updates without worrying about breaking the live site. Once we are happy with the results, a simple click of a button and the updated site can be take live!

5. Security Certificates

Website SSL Certificate

For anyone who is keeping up with Google's latest changes regarding security certificates, you will know that this year Google will begin to flag your website as 'insecure' if it does not have a valid security certificate. Depending on where your website is hosted, getting an SSL certificate, can be a complicated process involving generating 'keys' and adding them to the server correctly. It can also have an impact on your search engine rankings and can be awkward to configure in Wordpress. Flywheel offer free SSL certificates from Let's Encrypt, which simplifies the process of adding a security certificate.

6. Using Flywheel is Fun!

Flywheel Dashboard

I realise this is a very subjective statement, but let me explain. I really don't like cPanel - Yes it does everything it should, but it's awkward to navigate and making changes to the server settings can be a pain. I've tried other server platforms too, and they are all very similar. Loads of settings and lots of things that you can break. Flywheel's interface is beautiful. It's easy to navigate and making changes are simple.

7. Customer Support

Flywheel Website Support

The level of customer support offered by Flywheel is second to none. Whether it is seeking advice with migrating websites, or changing server settings, they have always been prompt and friendly to deal with.

So there are my top reasons why you should be using Flywheel for your Website Hosting. Trust me, go with Flywheel and it will put a big smile on your face.

Oh, and I've not even talked about the Stats view, Multisite hosting, Content Delivery Network, Cache Management, Wordpress Core Updates, Testing URL's, Password Protected Development Site or even 'Local by Flywheel', their awesome free development server software.

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