Perfect your blog posts with our 10-point Audit

A well-written blog can be a key element of your website and marketing strategy, however many businesses lack the time required to produce an effective blog, or struggle to create the kind of content that drives traffic to their site and impacts revenue. 

It can be a challenge for your business to identify exactly what it is that is preventing your blog from evoking a positive response from your reader that either compels them to share the post, or even better, become a customer! 

With this 10-point audit, we'll help you identify the key elements that make for an impactful blog, and show you how to transform your posts and ensure your team gets the results worthy of the time you're investing in creating blog content.

We've used some examples throughout to give you ideas and inspiration!


Ideal state: A clear, “tightly written” promise is made using as many words as necessary. The promise made in your headline is delivered upon in the body of the post. The headline is compelling without being misleading or overhyped.


Ideal state: Your copy is extremely easy to consume and develops a rhythm for the post. The copy draws your reader in and compels them to read the entire article.

Screenshot 2021-01-14 at 13.50.06

Here, 500px have used a concise headline that tells you clearly what the article is about and sets the tone for the article with the subheading. A great use of imagery also demonstrates that the promise of the article will be delivered upon. 


Ideal state: Your copy is formatted in a way that makes the article easy to consume. Transitions between ideas and sub-headlines are smooth.


A clear to call to action is made that is relevant to the subject matter of your article. The copy and/or design of the call to action compel your reader to take the desired action.
The call to action is located in one or more prominent positions within the post.

Screenshot 2021-01-14 at 14.02.19

In this example, SmoothieBox have made a clear call to action that provides added value to their reader whilst encouraging them to become part of their community and eventually make a purchase. 


All images, video, and audio are clean and clear, and of high quality. All of your posts’ needs for images, video and audio are met.

Screenshot 2021-01-15 at 11.05.37

Rapha's guide to Winter cycling uses high quality imagery showing the customer's desired solution and advice on what to expect from cycling in wintery conditions. Rapha combine this content with multiple calls to action to purchase the ideal seasonal garments. 


The close effectively concludes your post and uses wit, insight or inspires an emotion that compels your reader to comment, share or visit more pages on your site.


All on-page SEO elements are completed and optimised for a keyword unique to that page. All opportunities to link between other relevant content on your site are taken.


The post is in the appropriate category within your blog, and tagged as such. 

Brewdog blog tags categories

BrewDog always deliver when it comes to marketing strategies and content, but this simple categorisation and tagging layout clearly shows readers what they can expect to find and what other customers are reading. 


Your post completely delivers on the promise made in the headline and introduction. Every idea in the post is appropriately strengthened with media, examples, data, and/or links to more information. 


The content of your post is consistent with your brand and other information presented by your business.

pixelgrade blog

Pixelgrade's blog is a great example of brand consistency. From tone of voice to design, their blog is reflective of the content across their site and their product.

How does it work?

Perfect your blog by booking a free 30 minute strategy session with one of our content marketing experts. We'll rate the 10 key elements of your blog posts on a scale of Exceptional to Unsatisfactory and produce a scorecard bespoke to your business.

Once complete we'll provide you with some easy to implement tips and a strategy to improve your blog posts, drive more traffic to your website and help achieve your business growth goals.

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