What I Learned From The Hubspot Inbound Marketing Course

So having recently completed the Hubspot Academy Inbound Marketing Course, I wanted to share a few inbound marketing strategies that will really help you with your business.

Meaningful Content

1. Create Meaningful Content

Sounds obvious right? If you want to draw in people to your website you need to create something that they will want to read. Yep. But do you know who your content is aimed at?

Start by thoroughly understanding who your target audience is. Think about your ideal customer and put together a 'Buyer Persona' to help you understand who they are and what they are interested in. You might start with a single buyer persona or you might need more than one. If you sell a range of products, are they aimed at different people? If so create a buyer persona for each product. For a more detailed explanation of how to create a buyer persona, why not check out Hubspot's article on buyer persona templates.

Once you know who your content is aimed at you can use that knowledge to craft meaningful and valuable content that your website visitors will love. You can now talk to them about things you know they are interested in, using the language that they use, addressing the issues that they have.

Having great content is just the beginning, you can now start to market that content using social media. Understanding your buyers, means that you will know what social media platforms they use and you can then engage with them on the right platforms.

Content Marketing

2. Address Each Stage Of The Buyers Journey

The buyers journey is made up of various stages; Awareness, Consideration and Decision. You can talk to your customer at each stage of the journey.

Awareness - Your buyer has a problem that they want to address. They know the symptoms and are searching to find out what the problem is. If you understand your customers needs, you can write articles around their questions. This is not the stage when you want to sell them your product - just focus on helping them out and addressing their questions. Your aim is to educate your buyer.

Consideration - So your buyer now knows what the problems is. They are now looking for more information on their problem. Maybe you can offer guides on how to solve their problem.

Decision - Your buyer now knows the options and wants to find out more about what you can offer. Now is your chance to compare products, include case studies on how you have helped other people solve the same problem. Offer trial products or even live demos.

You can engage with your customers at each stage, but how you talk to them will be different. A lot of businesses focus on the decision stage but don't write valuable content for the awareness and consideration stages. Make sure you include a balanced approach to all stages of the buyer journey.


3. Converting Buyers

So you are getting your buyers attention with great, high quality content that is aimed at your specific buyer personas. Now you want to start converting them into leads. A great way to do this is by incorporating a Call to Action on your website. Typically this is a 3 stage process. First you want to offer something worthwhile to your customers. Maybe a free guide or access to some content that is normally hidden.

Once the buyer has clicked on that link (whether it is on social media, in your blog or a popup on your homepage, you want to take them to a well thought out landing page that explains your offer.

Finally once they have filled out the form, a well made thank you page is the final, vital part in the process. This allows you to thank your buyer for filling in their email address and also give meaningful information to them.

Customer Satisfaction

4. Delight Your Customers

Customer delight is a vital part of your marketing strategy. If you exceed your customers expectations, they will be your greatest advocates!  Here are the seven things you need to do to delight your customers...

  1. Delighting Team Members
  2. Educating Team Members
  3. Empowering Team Members
  4. Listening
  5. Asking
  6. Serving
  7. Following Up

Each of these make up a vital part of delighting your customers. Starting with your team and then working through the entire buyer journey to ensure that their experience is awesome!

Inbound Marketing


So I really enjoyed the inbound course from Hubspot and it has helped us to better structure our inbound marketing strategies. Do you need help coming up with a killer inbound strategy for your business? Why not get in touch and we will see what we can do to help!