Why local SEO has changed our strategy

As a web designer dealing with mainly local businesses, it can sometimes to be difficult to explain the importance of SEO to our clients. Over the last few years we have helped local businesses to track their rankings, improve their on page SEO and help with link building.

Increasingly, our priorities are changing when it comes to SEO.

1. Start with the basics

In our very first client consultation, we will discuss keyword, the scope of the business and type of customers they are targeting. It is vital to know your target market before you think about structuring the content. In a recent keynote at Wordcamp NL by Joost de Valk, he discusses the importance of telling the story of the brand. This is key to relating to your customers.

2. Make sure your on page SEO is good

Think about the navigation structure, internal links, optimising text for your keywords. Think about your meta descriptions and URL's.

I would strongly recommend that any WordPress users install the Yoast SEO plugin and use it to audit your site's page content.

3. Building sites with a local SEO strategy first

Clients will sometimes approach me with very ambitions business goals to target customer nationally, without much though to the customers that are on their doorstep. With carefully considered long tail keywords, it is possible to find those niche customers that are nearby.

Use tools such as Moz local to check your business listing and make sure they are consistent.

4. Localised google searches

With the increasing use of mobile devices for searching, using localisation data we should make sure that out SEO strategies included adding the right information to our pages. Another useful tool by Yoast is their local SEO plugin, which can be used to optimise how you put your business information into your site such as opening times and google map. Ensuring that you markup is optimised at the same time. (Can you tell I'm a fan of the Yoast plugins yet?)

If you are interested in talking to Perspective Design about any of our SEO services, then why not start a conversation with us and we'll see how we can help grow your business.