Working at Home vs Working from a Studio: Which is Better?

When you’re working hard to get your creative idea off the ground, starting an e-commerce business or you’re working as a freelancer, deciding where to work can be tricky.

Should you avoid the daily commute by working from home or should you stick to a more traditional studio space where you can actually get stuff done?

Are you self-disciplined enough to ignore Netflix and the growing pile of dishes next to the sink? Or should you stick to a familiar routine that requires next to zero willpower and gets you out of the house?

The answer to this question is a very personal one, which can affect your business and happiness in a whole host of ways. Let’s compare the pros of both to help you decide.

Benefits of working from home

Working from home

1. A flexible working schedule

When you work from home, you can tailor your working day however you like. This allows you to meet the unique needs of your clients and your business, whilst also taking care of your family responsibilities.

2. No commute

You won’t need to fight through the crowds or do battle with the traffic at some ungodly hour, find yourself crammed into public transport with strangers or trying to stop yourself from freezing or getting soaked when the weather plays up.

You’ll have extra time that you can spend however you want, whether that’s an extra hour in bed or more time with your family.

3. Wear whatever you want

Want to wear your pyjamas and slippers to work? Prefer comfy workout clothes or that old colour-changing tie-die t-shirt from the 90s? No problem! You can wear exactly what you want when you’re in the comfort of your own home. Lots of home-workers still decide to put on ‘work attire’ to give them the right mind-set but, to be honest, that can be a habit which is easily broken once you’re into the swing of home-working.

Working from home

4. Eat better food

Whether you fancy a spot of Thai food, prefer to make a paleo almond pancake with berries or just want beans on toast, you can eat exactly that when you work from home. There’s no need to mess around with a packed lunch or spend far too much money buying food out. This can help you make better food choices…or not!

5. Save money

The combined cost of public transport, fuel for your car, lunch out and those last-minute snacks you grab on your way home from the work soon add up and can make a significant dent in your paycheck. Working from home allows you to save this money and spend it on things you love instead.

6. Custom working environment

You can create your perfect working environment when you work from home.

Whether you prefer background noise or silence, comfortable furnishings or something more functional or even to work to music, you can include it without needing to compromise for the sake of your team. Hello, better creativity, productivity, and comfort!

Working from home

7. Fewer distractions

Sick of colleagues distracting you with their conversations about Brexit, their kids and the football? Wish those builders wouldn’t be renovating the building right outside your office?

There’s no need to worry about any of these things when you work from theory!

8. More time with your loved ones

Because you’re right there at home, you can be around when your family need you the most. This makes it much easier to juggle the demands of childcare and your business.

Benefits of working from a studio

Working from home

1. Less requirement for willpower

You won’t be tempted to do the laundry or take your dog for a walk when you work from a studio because you’re simply there to work. This helps if you find it hard to focus or struggle with willpower or self-discipline.

2. Routine

Working in a studio usually involves fixed hours and fixed breaks. This means you’ll be more focused on what you need to get done and you’re more likely to get it done faster, allowing you leave your work at work!

Working from home

3. Community

There are usually plenty of people to talk to when you work from a studio, co-working space or an office. This provides a great networking opportunity and can help you grow useful connections and friendships that could help your business in the future.

4. Better WIFI

Sadly, WIFI isn’t always reliable when you work from home which can get very frustrating when your business is based online, especially when you have deadlines to meet and meetings scheduled. When you work from a studio, this is far less likely to be a problem.

5. Focus

Studios are much more conducive to work than a home environment. Because, as nice as it can be to be around your family when you work, their small interruptions or noise can sometimes make it much more challenging to get stuff done than it needs to be.

Working from home

6. Easier communication

People much prefer to communicate face to face rather than via email or messages and working in a studio allows you to do just that. Quicker responses also help you work through your ‘to do’ list faster and build stronger working relationships.


Whether you work from home or from a studio, co-working space or office is very much a personal choice.

Each has unique advantages and disadvantages, which can affect your productivity, focus and creativity in different ways. If you’re trying to decide between the two, consider your needs then make the right decision for you.

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