How To Write A Great Blog Post - Part 7: Publicise Content

This is the seventh and final episode in our series on creating a great blog. Today we will be looking at the tools and techniques to publicise content. In the last episode I talked about how to write great content.


Here's a quick recap of the 7 points that have been addressed in this series.

  1. Get to know your customers
  2. Understand your buyer problems
  3. Create a long term strategy to target your ideal customer
  4. Know your buyer's pain points
  5. Choose your keywords carefully
  6. Write great content
  7. Publicise well

Publicise Content Well

Publicise Content

You've now created your content - well done! I know it takes time. In this article we are going to look at some different ways that you can promote your content and get your buyer personas to engage with it.

Choosing the right channels

At the very beginning of this series we created buyer personas for your key customers. We need to know how those buyers consume content online. You need to know which social media platforms your buyers are using and what other habits they have online. Choosing the right platforms for promotion is vital to the success of your blog.

Once you have decided on the right channels, you will need a way to effectively engage with buyers on each of the different platforms. I would recommend a scheduling tool such as CoSchedule or Buffer to begin with or a more comprehensive tool such as Hubspot's Marketing Social Media Tool.



Hashtags are a great way of gaining views. With a bit of research you can broaden the reach of your posts and gain new followers. For more information, here is an article we wrote about using hashtags.


The great thing about your content is that it can be reused. You can keep sharing existing articles and contents over and over again to reach new and different customers and to engage with existing prospects. Just make sure you write fresh social media posts each time!

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Maintaining an email marketing list is a great way of publicising your content. Why not write a short email each time you post a new blog article and send it out to your list.


Well done, you stuck with us to the very end! Now take what you have learned and put together an awesome blog.

Once you've got a great blog you need to measure how effective it is, here is a fantastic article on measuring the effectiveness of content marketing to take you to the next level.

Oh, and if you think this all sounds great, but you need some more input to help you get your blogging strategy in place, then why not get in touch with us and let us take care of your complete blogging strategy for you. We would love to help you find your voice and for it to be heard.